Research in London

Spent a couple of days keeping up to date with developments in the directions our industry is heading. An area, which feels rather unclear to many photographers


Firstly a long chat with Kyle Grace a highly experienced CGI expert who has now set up his own company, We discussed the changes everyone is experiencing and I was heartened to see that the old business models for a customer focused creative service provider still apply. He was concerned however that finding hungry enthusiastic young creatives, with sufficient skills to cope with challenging clients, was getting harder. A hard look at college curriculums in the future will be needed at a time when the next generation is having more and more conflicting demands placed on them with the resulting negative impact on their creative energy.


Next onto Metro Imaging and Jack Quick to see how the moves to servicing photographer’s needs had changed. I was very impressed to see the ethos of commitment to quality was undiminished.

Metro now has a substantial offering to photographers selling their work to collectors. It was quite a surprise to find out this sector was worth several million in turnover to the business. They are now supporting this area by hosting an online gallery linked to their range of services. A very sensible move.

Metro’s strong commitment to support for the industry and especially helping those just starting is heartening. My thanks to them for their hospitality.


Last but not least an open, honest and rewarding discussion with the new Chief Exec of the AOP. Seamus McGibbon. There have been many upheavals in the recent history of the organization which have mirrored the problems all photographers face. It is good to see them becoming much more proactive. Seamus’s ideas and openness to opinion is most encouraging. With the right support both internally and externally I’m sure he will make substantial progress in restoring the Association’s reputation.


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