Amsterdam and Arnhem Trip

Dutch Media industry

The trip I organised to Holland was to attend the retirement party of Peter van den Hout a TV and radio personality and an old friend from our student days.

This gave me a chance to discuss with professionals working with Video, Photography, PR and Producers as to the state of the industry in Holland. Surprise, surprise They were experiencing exactly the same pressures and concerns which are around in the UK. Costs and challenges to quality being the usual drivers.

The fight back seemed more like retrenchment, with staff cuts and the rest running to keep up with the demands of marketing in a constantly changing digital world.

Cafe Culture away from ……”Brownie Cafes”

I could not miss coffee and cake in the wonderful old cafes away from the tourists drug hot spots.




Gallery Research

I also found time to research the Art market and was surprised to come upon a very large gallery specialising in photography. Prices ranged from £60 to over £2000. The gallery was situated in the Negen Straatjes and I became even more impressed to see not only a well laid out space but also a large group of people waiting at the till credit cards in hand! This was an area that appeared to be thriving.





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