Working with students.

I always enjoy meeting students, they keep you young. So I was very happy to go to Derby and Norwich and more so because I found students who are genuinely passionate and enthusiastic.This in spite of what the world is throwing at them and at the future of Photography. Lots of great discussions and my thanks to the students for their very kind comments. It is so very rewarding to see outstanding work and offer words of reassurance to the fearful and anxious. All creatives are in need of positive support in these challenging times.

What was also great was to meet up with Christine Harding. Christine has a wealth of experience both here and abroad working at the top level within our industry. I am proud to say she was a product of the course at Blackpool and upped the count of my ex students working in these two organisations to five on the combined trips. I am so proud of all they have achieved.


Christine Harding   meeting with students after a day long session in Norwich discussing portfolios and the industry.

Mine is the half drunk lager!

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