More Manchester research and mentoring.

As part of looking at the world outside of London I have visited a few photographers to gauge how they are coping with the current challenges. Moy Williams is a long established photographer right in the heart of Manchester. He has a substantial studio with its’ own parking. A facility which would be the envy of the majority of London based practitioners whose capital costs have become prohibitive.

He shares the challenges and frustrations that others have, yet his views underpin the mantra that there is always demand for quality and reliability.

He expressed surprise with the lack of interest from those who aspire to enter the profession. There have been very few inquiries from students, even from the local area where there are several colleges offering photography.

Other concerns focussed on those with some years of experience at assistant level. As far as his experience goes they have often shown a limited range of skills especially when dealing with the administrative and technical of demands of digital capture.

Moy is continuing to work for major clients and is quite comfortable but not complacent about the future.







I have been working in Manchester with Joseph Pegler on the development of a business model for selling and promoting the work of a range of artists. The progress he has made is very impressive and now appears to be ready to bear fruit. I find it rewarding and educational to continue this work. There are always benefits from supporting others. This activity constantly confirms that you teach what you most want to learn.



Here are a couple of additional reviews of his ideas which offer an impressive insight into his commitment.They are well worth reading especially to encourage those with the right level of hunger to trust their vision.

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