Crowd funding discussion with Rob Evans.

I was very impressed with the achievements of Rob who was not only able to establish a very successful photographic studio in Manchester just three years after leaving as photographer to Granada TV Studios. He was also able to develop a crowd based funding project exploring the many individual craftsmen working all over our isles. This was a celebration of their individuality and passion for quality. The book has sold at least 750 copies up to now and has been very well received.He has been able to use this initiative to generate substantial opportunities to contact, and have expressions of interest from, international blue chip companies who see such ideas as having  strong marketing potential for their product ranges. It has given a considerable boost to him being seen as having highest levels of capability in project and image management.

The amount of planning and organisational challenges in progressing this project was mind boggling.It confirms the complex range of skills and demands that a sole trader photographer has to embrace if they wish to be successful in an overcrowded market.



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