Outstanding studio facility in Manchester.

I would like to thank Justin Windle owner of the BIG SHED in Manchester for inviting me to look around. I have to admit what I found was completely  unexpected. It is one of, if not the most sophisticated and comprehensive facilitiy available in the area. There is an Aladdin’s Cave of things both big and small to ensure all needs are catered for. With fixed costs of £50,000 a year a reputation for outstanding service and professionalism is vital if such a business is to succeed. Justin has this is spades. If ever the motto ‘no problem ‘ was justified when describing  an approach meeting client needs, it is definitely demonstrated here.


Justin Windle

The main studio, there are others, as well as a rap-around cove boasts a comprehensive overhead motorised lighting rig.

The forklift has a dual use as a shooting platform.

The view below is of the motorised movable cage which can travel over the whole studio width. So there is no viewpoint the photographer can’t reach. Vertigo willing, 

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