Networking event in Manchester.

I decided to act on an invitation to this event to gauge how much potential there was to be had from this experience.

In a word ‘Limited’. I found it rather perfunctory and to some degree amateur. You get the usual bag or stuff, depressing. Make your own coffee from a jar and hot water ! A dozen stands of disparate relevance to anybody setting up and indeed found myself counselling a start up on their approach to marketing. They seemed to be drifting about.Their view was a video was an answer without defining the question.

Profile raising in this  confusing multiplatform age is complex. However without a clear product definition and explanation of the relevance to the needs of the market decisions about marketing strategy have no foundation. I got a very enthusiastic response initially until the scale of the challenge began to penetrate. This was the last I head from them.

All this made me wonder about the event organisation’s  goals. Perhaps the skeptic in me led me to the conclusion it was about making money from stand fees.

However one encounter was with an ex student who had his company stand there. Looking very professional and continuing to trade successfully after a couple of decades.He confirmed the uphill struggle to convince that quality company needed to represent themselves using quality services like his.

Nice to see Norman and that values and principles we embraced in thecourse still have relevance


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