Update of activity.

I have not been still these last few months but not felt the need to comment until there is a significant amount of original information.

The mentoring, visiting colleges etc still continues, but in the case of meeting students the issues are the same as I have highlighted in previous posts. I can’t stop myself commenting on the fact that degrees still do not seem to be able to get away from the straight jacket of ‘group think content’. Rigour is essential but there are many ways of demonstrating this. Apparently the new thing is to be more project based.

Give me strength this approach we were using all the time in Blackpool’s heyday!

Which brings me onto Shot Up North.The first second and third awards were all a product of my students from this period. As was the popup department store in Manchester which showcased the best of individual craftsmanship. A initiative which Rob Evans is promoting as a direct development of his project With Love celebrating these individuals.


Tom Keen first prize winner with Simon just right of his head!!! will done to both and also Simon Knott with the second prize

All can be seen on the SUN website.

WITH LOVE , Project

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