A response to my lectures.

I am always grateful for feedback, especially where it improves my delivery. What interests me here is the fact that this was a series of two lectures taken from the ones I used  to deliver to my degree level students. …

Privately run course.

I was invited to give a couple of lectures on approaches to creativity and basic design. Apparently there is a hunger for a course which avoids the approaches of camera clubs.

It was clear from the start that they were …

Taking the risk argument to my old college.

Had a great time discussing my ideas on innovation and risk in this challenging world with a range of students.

I was gratified to find a very open and interested response from the them. This was confirmed when we discussed …

Working with students.

I always enjoy meeting students, they keep you young. So I was very happy to go to Derby and Norwich and more so because I found students who are genuinely passionate and enthusiastic.This in spite of what the world is …

Industry focussed project advice

I have spent two days discussing the nature of our industry and the needs of buyers with the students at Norwich.

There is a lot of uncertainty and fear amongst them. Self doubt and limited understanding of the issues facing …

Portfolio Reviews.

I spent a day in Norwich with eight other professionals reviewing and supporting final year student’s work.

Lots of good discussions, a chance to offer reassurances and look at some very interesting work.



University of Derby session on marketing

Had a rewarding session working with the final year students looking at risk, identity and markets.

It was uplifting to see so many enthusiastic faces who were able to  openly share their fears.

They engaged in exploring the solutions to …

lecturing session

Had a great time with a large number of students discussing issues ranging over whole professional landscape. A good deal of time was spent exploring the beginnings of a clear identity within their work. Discussing why this is so important …