Exhibitions, Lucky Jotter, RPS and AOP

Had a week visiting a number of exhibitions with great opportunities to see old friends, ex students and leaders of our industry.


First a look at Joseph Pegler’s 8th Lucky Jotter event. Joseph who I’m working with at the moment has presented a range of Art works from around the world in a very polished and well managed framework to support his marketing of their talent. This provides a very solid foundation to take this curating\agent business model forward and very encouraging for the future.




Next two events in London. Initially a look at the RPS international exhibition and a chance to discuss the current offerings from the RPS with Dr Michael Pritchard, the Director General.The evening was very well attended with a general buzz of encouraging enthusiasm.



Finally the Annual AOP Awards, meeting with old friends,and making new, connections. Good to see ex students continuing to be featured on the walls and hear that they are still doing well and winning awards. Direct Lighting is yet again a major sponsor, have a look at the students awards post for my views on the outstanding professionalism of this company.

A good night, I counted nearly thirty ex students, the venue might be a little large but it is needed for all the work on display. The show, which is excellently presented, lasts for three days with an outstanding range of supporting lectures over that period.

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