A response to my lectures.

I am always grateful for feedback, especially where it improves my delivery. What interests me here is the fact that this was a series of two lectures taken from the ones I used  to deliver to my degree level students. It demonstrates that there is a clear demand for information at this level in the private sector. I will be following this with interest in the future. My thanks again to the students for their welcome and keen interest in the subject.

“I just wanted to say a ‘big thank you for travelling back to Wilmslow last week to give your second talk.  I’ve had some very positive feedback from the attendees and several which seem to be something about you being an inspirational speaker?  Can’t think what they were referring to there?   

Thanks for the list of photographic briefs too.  Something the attendees were very keen on getting hold of.

I hope I can persuade you to return sometime later this year to repeat your talks to a different audience? 

I’ll keep you up to date with the progress on the studio.  If it all goes ahead I will invite you to come and give us an official opening – and I am being serious!  You’ve got a far greater back story than any celebrity could give.”



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