Selling photography in Canada.

On a recent trip to eastern Canada I had a chance to have a few thoughts on the way photographers engaged with direct selling to markets.



There were a number of approaches . The first was to engage in quality craft fairs where the value placed on objects displayed by the participants was relatively high. This had the effect of creating an audience self selected on the cost levels they were prepared to tolerate.


The second was to offer high quality images in a gallery setting where there was a lot of specialist interest in the subject. This being Canada, there was substantial interest in the wild life of this locality.




Finally, where there is an obvious tourist attraction, to create imagery which is not just a record of the  place but offers visual reminder that you would want to display.

Now in the case of Niagara Falls there can be debate about the interpretation photographically but clearly an attempt to ensure that imagery was worthy of the experience was bringing rewards.



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